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שמחים ומתרגשים שהצטרפתם לאפליקציית FITHOOD

בכדי לשמור על מעבר חלק בלי לפגוע בהזמנות קיימות אנו מבקשים שתבצעו רק הזמנות קיימות, לפי האקסל שקיבלתם. נא לבצע את כל הזמנות עד יום שישי בשעה 19:00

ביום שישי 6.8.21 בשעה 19:00

תיפתח ההרשמה ללא הגבלה


להורדת האפליקציה

בחנות גוגל


להורדת האפליקציה

בחנות אפל

  • Create virtual workouts and meetings with Zoom
    Are you planning to host workouts or sessions online? Zoom is the ideal way to create appointments, classes or workouts, and let customers join from anywhere. Virtual sessions are ideal for fitness instructors, coaches, tutors, and much more.
  • Create an Online Service with Zoom
    The first time you create an online service with Zoom, you'll be directed to connect to your Zoom account or create a new one. You only need to do this once.
  • Start Your Session
    Once it's time to hold your session, access the session from your session calendar. Tap Copy Link to send it anywhere or Start Session to start the session on your mobile device. Your clients can join the session by clicking Join Session on the session page or using the direct Zoom link you sent them.
  • What is Zoom?
    Zoom is a platform for online video sessions, connecting you to one person or a group. You and your clients will be able to access sessions on various devices, including computers, phones, and tablets. In a zoom meeting, the host can: Hold a meeting with one or more people Share their screen Mute and unmute participants, or let them do so themselves Use the group chat feature to exchange written messages (this can be disabled) Record the session (or let participants record it) To read more on what you can do with Zoom, click here.
  • How do I set it up?
    Start by creating a new service. The first time you create your online service, you'll be asked to connect to your Zoom account. If you don't already have a Zoom account, you'll need to create one. Finish creating your service and save it. Once you want to create another online service with Zoom, you’ll only need to select the ZOOM session option. You won’t need to connect again.
  • How will my clients and I get the link and password for our Zoom session?
    Accessing your host link: To get the link to your Zoom session, go to your Session Calendar in the FITHOOD app. Inside your session page, you’ll be able to copy the link with the Copy Link button or access the session directly with the Start Session button. Note the link will only appear 3 hours before each session starts.
  • How can clients access their guest links?
    Clients can access the link themselves from several different locations: The FITHOOD Mobile App Their My classes Tab The session page Their reminder email. Note: If you have passwords enabled in your Zoom dashboard, your clients will get the password in their confirmation email. You can also locate your session in “My Classes”, copy the participant link, and send it to participants.
  • Disconnect from Zoom
    Visit the Profile tab in your mobile app. Toggle the Zoom Connection switch to Off This can also be done while editing a class.
  • I connected FITHOOD to the wrong Zoom account:
    To connect to a different Zoom account, you’ll first need to disconnect from your old account. Visit the Profile tab in your mobile app. Tap Disconnect under your Zoom account. Log out of your Zoom account on your device. Note: If you don't log out, you'll reconnect to the same account in the next step. Reconnect to the correct account as you create your next class. Note: After reconnecting, you can still host the meetings you created with your first account. Just make sure to log in to Zoom using that account and hold the online class.
  • I don't see the zoom link on my session page:
    Zoom links will show up 3 hours before your session begins, and only once at least one person books it.
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